Fulbright, Bodossakis and Niarchos Scholarships programme in Heritage Management

Fulbright Scholarship for US students

The MA in Heritage Management is honoured to work with the Fulbright Foundation on a new scholarship announced for the new academic year. For more information on this exciting new opportunity for US students can be found in this page:


Bodossakis Scholarships

We are delighted to announce that the Bodossaki foundation and the University of Kent have announced scholarships for the coming academic year. There are 0.5 Kent scholarships (one half scholarship) for non-Greek students, as well as 2 (or four half scholarships) Bodossaki scholarships for Greek nationals or Greek descent applicants. Applicants should state with their application that they are applying for a scholarship, clarify whether a full or a half scholarship is what they are going for, and in one paragraph (no more than 200 words) explain why they should receive a scholarship. Competition for scholarships is expected to be stiff and only first class students are encouraged to apply. The scholarship decisions are going to be taken in March and, in the first instance, only the applicants who have already been offered a place will be considered.

Please visit this page for any further information and developments.

Two half scholarships have been awarded in 2011.
The Kent scholar is Naja Werther, while the Bodossakis scholar is Dimitris Ioannidis.

Two half scholarships have been awarded in 2012.
The Kent scholar is Nader Ayadi, while the Bodossakis scholar is Fanis Karafotias.

We are grateful to the Bodossakis foundation for their continuing support.

The 'Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarship' programme for students from Developing Countries.

We are delighted to announce the 'Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarship for the MA in Heritage Management for the developing world' programme. The 'SNF' scholarship programme is designed to support a minimum of 5 students from the developing world (broadly defined).

The scholarships are decided on the basis of academic merit and background. There is a variety of half fees (worth €3750), full fees (€7500), and comprehensive scholarships (covering both fees and living expenses, i.e. approximately worth €13500).

Please make sure when applying for a scholarship to indicate whether you would be able to accept only a 'comprehensive' scholarship or you would be able to also accept either a 'full fees' or a 'half-fees' scholarship.

For more information contact Vasia Terzi at